Take a tour to see what J.A. uniforms has to offer. Below we outline some services that will help introduce how JAU adds value to our relationships with our customers and their needs.


Noted for its untiring creativity, J.A. Uniforms takes pride in taking apparel from design to completion. Its in-house factory is skilled at modifying in-stock garments with design elements designed to produce a sharp custom look while keeping both costs and turnaround times in check. 

Top-quality digitized artwork, created in house, is a hallmark of J.A. Uniform’s embroidery work. For its screen-printing work, J.A. Uniforms produces its own vector line art. 

For heightened convenience, J.A. Uniforms’ design esthetics are carefully captured through in-house photography. Custom catalogs allow customers to view specific items within their uniform program as well as a broader breadth of offerings. 

Online Portal

To ease the ordering process, J.A. Uniforms is able to launch personalized online ordering portals for select clients at no extra cost. Simple to navigate, the online stores are access controlled and allow for heightened efficiencies in ordering, editing, updating and dropshipping. 


J.A. Uniforms embroiders all its garments to an exacting standard and in- house. Having honed this skill over the last two decades, the process is efficient, the results are precise and the sense of urgency is unwavering. 

Also handled in-house and with a quick turnaround time is the digitizing of artwork. To assure a client’s complete satisfaction, physical samples are manufactured for approval prior to production. Detailed files are kept to eliminate errors. 

Screen Printing

J.A. Uniforms screen prints on a variety of garments while offering heat transfers and reflective options as well. As with its embroidery work, all artwork is created in-house and with a sense of urgency. Once artwork is approved, finished products generally ship within approximately 10 days. 

Digital samples can be e-mailed at no cost to the client while physical samples can be produced for an additional fee. 

Custom Sewing

Having spent his childhood around factories, J.A. Uniforms founder Alexander Arencibia is keenly familiar with the ins and outs of manufacturing. Leveraging his production know-how, J.A. Uniforms has established itself as a leader in affordable domestic custom sewing. For added flexibility, its in-house South Florida-area factories are supported by production facilities in South America, Asia and India. 

J.A. Uniforms’ proprietary digital patterns come to life through a state-of-the-art Lectra CAD system. While no job is too large, small runs are always welcome. 


J.A. Uniforms has a breadth of apparel catalogs. From hotel uniforms to valet uniforms to sportswear, its product line is easily accessible both online and via PDF files. Additionally, J.A. Uniforms provides select clients with custom catalogs specific to their uniform program.