For nearly two decades J.A. Uniforms has set its sights on delivering industry-leading manufacturing and service standards.

It has done so while supporting the communities it serves and embracing a heartfelt dedication to corporate social responsibility. Beneficiaries of J.A. Uniform’s philanthropic gestures include…

Ape Ambassador Center for Great Apes

J.A. Uniforms is proud to supply fundraising t-shirts to the Ape Ambassador Center, a club for kids and teens dedicated to the advancement of the Center for Great Apes, a non-profit sanctuary for chimpanzees and orangutans.
To learn more about the issues facing these smart primates or to make a donation, please visit or

The Foundation, Driven to Serve Others

Dating to 2011, J.A. Uniforms’ support of The Foundation stems from an introduction by Towne Park, a longtime customer and national leader in hospitality and healthcare services. Enjoying a well-earned reputation for impacting organizations that support children and their education.
The Foundation was established in 2004 to serve and support Towne Park associates and the communities they serve. To learn more or to make a donation, please visit

Zara’s Center

J.A. Uniforms proudly supports Zara's Center, an after-school safe haven for AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. To learn more or to make a donation, please visit

Bridge to Hope

Impressed by Bridge to Hope’s programs designed to restore dignity and hope to those in need, J.A. Uniforms was pleased to support this nonprofit’s apparel needs during a recent food drive. To learn more or to make a donation, please visit

Special Olympics Chicago

J.A. Uniforms’ support of Special Olympics Chicago recognizes the organization’s untiring dedication to promoting the physical and mental health of children and adults with intellectual disabilities. To learn more about the important work Special Olympics Chicago undertakes or to make a donation, please visit

American Cancer Society – Relay for Life

A long-time supporter of the the American Cancer Society’s Orlando-area fundraisers, J.A. Uniforms is pleased to join others in honoring cancer survivors, remembering lost loved ones and raising funds to make a global impact on cancer. To join in this effort or to learn more, please visit